Dinner Menu

Aloo Pies 9
Seasoned Potato Patties (2) with Mango Chutney.

House Salad 8
Citrus Honey Garlic Dressing Lettuce Cabbage Apples Tomato.

Spicy Jerk Wings 12
Five Well Spiced and Seasoned baked wings. Drizzle of secret sauce.

Sweet Fried Plantains 8
One whole plantain ripened and fried. Slight crunch and lots of natural flavor.

Spicy Jerk Chicken 20
Spicy Jerk leg and thigh. Falls off the bone savory. With Fried Rice mixed lettuce cabbage apple tomato salad.

Spicy Jerk Pork Ribs 26.00
Jerk Spiced Pork ribs. With Fried Rice mixed lettuce cabbage apple tomato salad.

Pelau 17
Boneless dark and white chicken coconut milk white rice beans butter. Hearty rice plate with lettuce cabbage apple tomato salad.

Authentic Trinidadian Curry Spice Slow Cooked Seasoned in Cilantro Garlic Onions Cumin Habanero Peppers.

Served with Channa and Aloo and rice

Lamb Curry 24
Chicken Curry 17
Beef Curry 18
Goat Curry (B) 23
Channa & Aloo Curry (V) 12
Vegetarian Combo two veggies sides rice and salad 17.5

Spicy String Beans 8
Sautéed Kale 8
Callaloo 8
Pumpkin Choka 8
Macaroni Pie 15
Fried Rice 8
Roti, Paratha or Dahlpuri 4.95
Coconut Bake 3.75
Pam’s Habanero Peppah Sauce 10
Jerk Leg & Thigh 13
Pelau (Half) 11.5
Channa & Aloo Curry 8
Goat Curry 16.5
Lamb Curry 17.5
Beef Curry 15
Chicken Curry 11.5

JUICES AND PUNCHES (alcohol free)
Sorrel 7
Spiced Caribbean Hibiscus Flower.

Ginger Beer 7
Spiced Raw Ginger Root.

Mauby 7
Spiced Bark of Mauby Tree.

Coke, Sprite, Cranberry

Cassava & Coconut Pone Cake 14
Served hot with a scoop of ice cream.

Rum Cake (Seasonal) 11
Aged prunes raisins citrus cherries walnuts soaked in rum and red wine with a scoop of ice cream.

Ice Cream
Coconut 10
Guinness 10
Sour Sop 10


Caribbean Mixers

Rum Punch 10.5
Citrus hibiscus ginger pineapple soaked in red rum.

Trinidad Smash 12
Smith & Cross Jamaican rum angostura bitters coconut nectar lemon.

Mata Leon 12
Cazadores reposado tequila lime juice agave syrup habanero bitters.

Mojito 12
St Germain mint leaves lime cucumber white rum soda.

Tobago Sunrise 12
Pineapple angostura bitters grenadine white rum.

Lemon Colada 12
10 cane rum fresh lemon coconut cream nutmeg.

Mezcal Mule 12
Mezcal lime juice ginger splash ginger beer.

Furious Five 11
Pepper infused reposado lime agave nectar.

House Tonic 10
House tonic lime choice of vodka or gin.

Red Stripe 8
Guinness 8
Corona 8
Heineken 8
Singha 8
Lagunitas 8
Landshark Lager 8
Fremont IPA 8
Ask your server about rotating taps

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